Today Google announced two powerful new ways to explore what is trending on Google within Google Trends. These tools will come in handy when you need fresh ideas for blog posts and they will lend insight into what key topics you can weave into a content idea you already have in order to ride the wave of a particular trend; not that I or Miley Cyrus would do that.

1) Trending Top Charts

Find out what is trending overall on Google in the USA (more countries on the way soon apparently) for a wide variety of categories on the new Top Charts section within Google Trends.

A screenshot of Google's new Top Charts

Miley Cyrus straddling a wrecking ballHow to Use Miley Cyrus and Trending Top Charts to Your Advantage

We can see in the current trends above that Miley Cyrus is a huge topic right now in the search stream. Based on that information perhaps you decide your next article on social media reputation management will focus on her so you can capitalize on all of the search interest she has drummed up.You can do this by making the article all about Miley’s public antics and how they have affected her online reputation. If your article is of a high quality in terms of the message it provides, the examples and the writing then those factors along with the  use of Miley Cyrus’s name will likely drum up a heck of a lot of traffic through direct visits and shares; whether this is the type of traffic you want is another question entirely (no comment).


2) Past 30 Days of Hot Searches

Upon visiting Google Trends the default page is the latest “Hot Searches” on Google. If, however, you click on the calendar icon near the top of the page you will see the hottest searches for the past 30 days which oddly does not include Miley Cyrus’s profile (I am going to hell for this).

A screenshot of Google Trends showing the past 30 days of hot searches in calendar format

How to Use the Past 30 Days of Hot Searches to Your Advantage

Take the earlier example of using Miley Cyrus within your copy and take it a step further. Perhaps you decide it is worthwhile to do a larger article on the social media ups and downs of celebrities in the past month. Using the 30 days of hot searches you can identify a ton of different stories you can use to compare and contrast throughout your article. This proposed direction will add more depth to the article and it will often require enough work and writing talent that it will stand out from the rest of content online; no easy feat, nor one to downplay. After all, the more powerful and well devised the content the better chances it will have to be shared and ultimately build a ton of viewership.

This All Twerks Down to Strategic Content Development

What has been discussed here is just one of the methods you can use to create content that attracts the links your website needs to be/stay competitive in search rankings and attain direct business. If you would like to discuss how to build strategies like this into your business to win online in the most natural and effective manner possible for long term results then please don’t hesitate to contact me. In the meantime please DO NOT take what seems the easy way out to create links by falling into the cheap link building trap!

The Cheap Link Building Trap

Every day I am emailed or come across heaps of crap talking about link building exploits and strategies that can “get past the Google Penguin filter”. These “strategies” are complete BS and are often driven by cheap link building services that are very attractive to business owners who have no idea what they are getting themselves into when they sign on the dotted line. The fact is these strategies often result in manual or algorithmic penalties on the business owner’s website which can cause damage akin to an unwieldy wrecking ball on their rankings. Meanwhile the cheap link builder simply moves on to the next unsuspecting business owner.

In Conclusion

I wrote this article a bit more than just tongue-in-cheek (too easy, I left this one out) using Miley Cyrus as my celebrity target and if I really wanted this to perform better in terms of keeping visitors on the page I would have made it more topical for all types of visitors; including celebrity gossip fanatics. That said, I hope you get the subtle-as-a-brick-in-the-head drift that Trends can play an interesting role in your article writing and this has given you some different ideas for crafting content.

Enjoy and for your sake I hope you don’t see any more news on Miley Cyrus in your day’s travels 😛