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Today StepForth released a comprehensive manual on How to Setup Google Authorship which is available now for free as a web version or PDF download (right-click this link and save).

About this Free Manual

Written by Ross Dunn, CEO of StepForth, this unofficial manual is for anyone who writes regularly online and website owners/administrators of a website with or without a blog. It is designed to help everyone understand what Authorship is, why it is important and how to ensure it is setup for the greatest personal and/or professional benefit. 

This manual covers implementation of the rel=author and rel=publisher tags within the following scenarios and platforms:

  • Quick Setup Using the Google Authorship Page
  • Setup for a One-Author, Blog-Only Website
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: Each Author Links Directly to Google Plus
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: Using Rel=Me On Each Author’s Bio Page
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: WordPress Plugin Options
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a WordPress.com Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a SquareSpace Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a Blogspot Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Publisher

(Here is the web version or PDF download)

In addition we included Troubleshooting tips and suggestions for staying current on the latest news and updates on this topic.

A Service for Those Without the Time or Interest

StepForth is also offering a service to assist small businesses and up with the proper setup and installation of Authorship (rel=author and rel=publisher) so all businesses can experience the expected benefits of Authorship as Google integrates it into its algorithms over time; they are testing its integration already behind closed doors.

We hope you like the manual and find it helps you succeed online.