There are a lot of different methods out there for driving down your costs of advertising on Facebook and to increase the efficiency of your page and your overall marketing campaign. From beginner guides to expert expositions, there’s information out there for all stripes. For the marketer on Facebook already privy to ad formats and how the system works, you can skip the rookie camp and look for something with more meat on the bones.

For instance, you can skip over the tips dealing with how to draw people to your page and instead focus on how to get more of those visitors to actually engage with your brand.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, it’s all about increasing your engagement. The tips listed below should help you to post more engaging material.

Engagement Tips for Facebook Marketers

The Proper Timing

Under the assumption you’re already well aware of the importance of frequently updating your page with new posts, the next step is to work out the timing of your posts. You see, it’s not only enough that you’re consistently posting new content; you have to post content when your visitors are stopping by. The best engagement numbers come when fresh content is found by people as they’re logged on. If they have to scroll through your page to find it, those engagement numbers are going to fall. Make sure you’re discerning activity times through your statistical analysis.

Creative Imagery

It’s also not enough to post some images. If any old image would work, every company would have high engagement numbers. But take a look at a popular, engaging brand like Coca-Cola for a quick reference, They have posted pictures of their product in actual use, being enjoyed by people in off-the-wall locations, having their cans used as art projects, pictures of their presence in the community, etc. Take a page from this book and be creative with your images. Show your business’s product or service actually being engaging.

Real Contests

A lot of tips suggest offering promotional content to get people engaged, but you have to understand that it’s not enough to give someone a coupon if they opt-in with your network. This is only going to engage the minority. Work on engaging the majority by offering legitimate contests – giveaways and real prize drawings. Don’t worry, though; these contests won’t boost your Facebook advertising cost. It will ultimately increase your bottom line.

The Proper Ads

Facebook gives you a few different ad formats to choose from, so opt for the more engaging ads to begin with. This means less work for you and ultimately more engagement. Using Page Post ads to tell an actual story or to convey real information will be far more effective and engaging than a simple post. It gives more people the opportunity to see the material, and thus your engagement increases.

Effective engagement tactics don’t have to be cloaked in technical jargon and confusing rhetoric. Anyone can understand the information listed above, and any Facebook marketer can use it to increase their engagement numbers.


About the Author:  Eric Taylor is a social media enthusiast, business developer and a freelance writer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad tool that focuses on building tools for social media marketing. Qwaya  shares quality and extensive information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing strategies, specifically on Facebook.