One of the most important parts of online marketing is to know what the traffic on your site is doing, and finding out what changes can be made to help the performance of your site. In order to maximize the performance of your site you need to know some things like; where your traffic is coming from, what pages are the surfers visiting, how long are they on the site, where and/or why are they leaving the site, etc.

The Google Analytics LogoGoogle Analytics is one of the best web statistical programs available on the net, and the best part about it is that it’s free to use. Google Analytics has been around for years now and has seen many changes in its lifetime. In the last few months the Dashboard of your analytics account has had an upgrade to a new version which many people are very excited about. Google is up to it again with another major update to their Analytics program offering Real Time analytics data about your site.

How is Google Analytics Changing?

In the past the data you could see was only for past performance of your website whereas you could try to click on the current day to view your statistics but all fields would yield zeros. Now you do have the option to see your statistics in Real Time, which is great for testing new campaigns, watching a new source of traffic, troubleshooting your site, etc.

Real Time Analytics offers Better Campaign Management

Let’s say you were trying to setup special URLs using the Google Analytics URL Builder, and you wanted to see how the data would appear in your account. Well in the past this was not possible because the data would not be present until the next day, and now that is all changing. With Real Time data you can troubleshoot your UTM tracking codes to make sure they are setup the way you wanted.

Google Analytics Realtime screenshot

Having Real Time analytics data is a great tool for troubleshooting some issues with your site. For instance, you would be able to notice any downtime right away when looking in your Analytics account as opposed to before where you wouldn’t see this until the next day. The same applies for those involved with search engine optimization, whereas if you see a rise in your rankings for a specific keyword, now you are able to see the resulting search traffic statistics in Real Time.


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