Some Relatively New Feature for Google AdWords makes it easy to promote your website and/or products. For those who have never heard of Google AdWords, it is their paid search marketing platform that allows you to bid on keywords to have your ad shown on Google. Search engine traffic is the most relevant source of traffic to get to your site, and your leads/sales will show it. Today, we are going to go over some new features within AdWords that help you get your ads shown to your target audience.

  • Geo-Targeting – AdWords gives you the opportunity to choose which countries, states/provinces, or cities see your ads for the keywords you bid on. You can even use their mapping tools to draw maps if you wanted to choose a certain area to target, or even specify a radius around your target area to include these potential surfers. For example, we can target people within a 40km radius of Victoria, if that is where your target audience is located. Overall geo-targeting gives that option to reach our target markets, and filter out unwanted clicks from unwanted geographical locations and/or areas.
  • PC / Mobile – Within the last year, there has been much rise about mobile search on everyday smart phones. Because more people on their iphones, blackberries, androids, etc, are using Google to find whatever they are looking for, AdWords now allows us to target these users specifically. This is a great feature for many reasons, which my favourite usage so far is showing specific ads to mobile users. For example, you may want the display ad in your mobile campaign to be shorter, and more to the point, because the person searching may be looking for a quick answer, whereas a person on a desktop computer, you would want to target a different ad towards.
  • Google Places – In the last few months, we are starting to see more Google Places content in AdWords ads. This means, information from your Google Places account can be drawn into your AdWords account giving your display ad some more spice. Giving maybe your contact details, or address along with your ad showing the person searching some vital information about your website and/or business.
  • See Search Terms Tool – For anybody who is currently using AdWords, we suggest you try the ‘See Search Terms’ tool in the keywords section of the account. This tool is amazing because it shows us what people are searching for when they click on our ads. Because there are different match types in Google AdWords, having a keyword in the account doesn’t necessary mean that that was the keyword typed in by the user. The ‘See Search Terms’ tool although allows us to do just that. This tool is great for finding negative keywords you may want to add to your account, to filter out unwanted clicks in the future. This tool comes highly recommended from Google, because they also only want the most relevant information on their search engine.

These new areas within the Google AdWords platform which we have went over, will help make it easier to filter out the clicks that you may not want, at the same time as giving the surfer an ad that helps sell your site and/or product.

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