Clickable Phone Numbers with Mobile AdWords

If you are one of those mobile internet enthusiasts you should be thrilled that Google AdWords has clickable phone numbers displayed with their ads (launched in January). Since the change you have had the option to allow users to call you directly just the same way as if they were to click on your ad to go to your site. By setting this up in a separate part of your Google AdWords account, you can give the option for the system to make this functional.

How will this Affect your AdWords Account?

The easiest way of allowing users to connect mobile users to your phone number is to setup a Location Extension, which ensures that the user is shown the nearest location to them. Be sure to add your telephone number as this is what the mobile users will be able to call directly. The most important thing to enable clickable phone numbers for mobile users is to make sure you are opted into the Mobile Network within your campaign settings.

Since this option is still relatively new for small businesses, many webmasters are unsure whether the users will be forced to click-to-call the telephone number as opposed to still going to the website. Well this is not the case because the users will still have the option to click on the ad and go to the website as well as click the phone number to call directly.

StudioPress Theme of the Month

One of the first questions AdWords users had was, ‘What is the cost of the phone calls made?’ Each phone call is billed just as if it were a click to your website. You get to specify the bid for your position just like a normal ad, with the only difference is the user has the option of calling your directly.

Can StepForth Help with Mobile AdWords & Clickable Phone Numbers?

Here at StepForth we have many clients that share with us the responsibility of running their AdWords accounts. We work out the best pay model for the size of the account usually based on account size or amount of account spend. Our focuses can be setup towards brand awareness or more to a conversion basis where we try to focus on getting as many conversions as we can for your budget.

Please take the time to contact us here at StepForth so that we can you with your AdWords solutions, and setup your ads to have clickable phone numbers.