Although Chrome is relatively new it has become one of the easiest web browsers to interface with.

Kawsar Ali shares some of the top extensions for Google Chrome and for anyone using Chrome these are a worthwhile download. These extensions, “can help you increase your productivity and enable you to perform your jobs easier and faster.” I am highlighting a few of these below.

For those of you having many Social Network sites, Shareaholic converts the web page you are on into a short URL which allows you to share it across the social media sites you use to talk with your friends.

A few of my favourites are Evernote Web Clipper which will save me oodles of time as it saves the content of my clipboard along with a link back to the original page therefore I do not need to worry about forgetting to bookmark a certain page or image. Split Screen is perfect for viewing more than one page on the same window.

After reading 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Boosting your Productivity I am sure you will agree Chrome is indeed far ahead of the other web browsers.