If you are looking for a fun Friday Afternoon read, check out the latest article by Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land. Danny pokes into the many attempts Google has made in products that didn’t quite make the cut.

Google has had some massive success with a number of their initatives, but with that success there are always those that don’t quite make it.

The most recent product to have its plug pulled is Google Wave. Probably one of the more well known failed services, Wave was launched only a year ago, and just this week Google announced it would close due to a lower than anticipated user base.  While many have not used it, most have heard about it – but do you remember Dodgeball? Jaiku? Google Page Creator? These and many other attempts by Google have met their demise after just a few short years.

Check out Danny’s article for some history behind these and many more failed Google products in “Let’s Celebrate Google’s Biggest Failures!