The last time I posted I revealed that there would be a big surprise revealed by Bing the next day… in fact just hours later when the conference commenced once more. Well, I took eons to get back to you but the deal is this, Bing has rewritten their Webmaster Tools Center from the ground up and will be releasing it this Summer (around then).

There is a lot to report which I promise I will get to soon (including some video from the reveal) but for now, here are some links to assuage your thirst for information:

  • WebProNews coverage – an interview with Bing Webmaster Central’s Eric Gilmore
  • Bing’s official sneak peak (sorry there are, quite inexplicably, no images on their page! – not really a sneak peak IMO!) at the upcoming version of Bing Webmaster Tools

When will I post next? I am trying to get more followers on StepForth’s brand new Facebook page so I will reveal my video of a part of the Q&A with Bing’s Eric Gilmore there first. If you become a fan (aka “Like” our page) you will be one of the first to see it!