Here are the top posts on “Social” from the old StepForth SEO Blog.

Two Great Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Account

‘LinkedIn SEO must haves’

Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing – A StepForth White Paper

‘A how to on promoting your brand (be it yourself, a product, a service, or a company) by strategically making your presence known across various social media networks (such as Digg, StumbleUpon or Myspace)’

Adding Social Bookmarking Has Never Been Easier

‘A method for the average person to share a great online find with the rest of the world and as others share their favorite finds this can result ultimately in earning hundreds or more of free backlinks.

Part 3 – The Genesis for a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

‘Social media communities have the enormous power to change how people view and discuss your product online.  Here you will learn some how-to’s that can further promote your online presence.’