With the recent deal made between Bing and Yahoo one must ask them selves, what impact will this have on my search rankings. In this case, it may have a significant impact – at least eventually.

Let’s assume that all legalities are settled, and everything goes ahead as planned. What we will eventually see is a full transition of Bing results displayed when one does a search over at Yahoo. This will have the effect of there only being two major search engines out there, Google and Bing. Yahoo algorithm based results as we know them will cease to exist (at least on the organic level).

If your site has good Yahoo rankings now, and this is something you want to maintain, the only way to do it is to beef up your Bing rankings to be as good as or better than Yahoo. Not to panic however, you have some time. Some are speculating that it could be as long as two years before Bing results start appearing at Yahoo, so there is no huge rush, however, that said, 2 years can come and go rather quickly.

My recommendation at this point is to start to make the move to improve your Bing results. Previously Bing was often overlooked due to their incredibly small market share of less than 10%. With the Yahoo integration, those results could affect as much as 30%, or even more if Bing really takes off – suddenly that market share is high enough to make these results really worth while.

One thing you don’t want to do is jeopardize what you have in Google. While technically it is possible for Bing to some day rein as champion over Google, I wouldn’t hold my breath – even in the off chance that this does happen, it won’t likely be in the near future.