Its been nearly 2 months since the launch of Microsoft’s highly advertised and anticipated Bing, and the market share figures for the first full calendar month since its launch are in. Microsoft is likely less than thrilled.

comScore released the latest search figures late last week, and when comparing the data to May of 09, Microsoft has seen a very slight increase, stealing a bit of traffic from Yahoo and leaving Google unscathed.

Google saw a 65% market share for both May and June of this year. Yahoo dropped in June from 20.1 down to 19.6 – a difference of 0.5. Microsoft managed to pick up 0.4% of this drop bringing them from 8% to 8.4%.

While an increase of 0.4% is an increase none the less, it is still nearly a full percent down from where Microsoft sat a year ago in June 2008 (9.2%). Microsoft has a lot of work to do if they want to take Bing to the next level.