Yahoo AirMiles ToolbarFor all our Canadian readers out there, if you find yourself collecting Air Miles, searching Yahoo may help you get that free flight just a little bit quicker.

The Air Miles Yahoo Toolbar was recently launched, and for every 50 searches performed using the Air Miles toolbar you will earn 5 Air Miles, up to a maximum of 30 Air Miles per month.

For card holders who do not have enough Miles to redeem their rewards, Air Miles offers the option to purchase additional miles at 30 cents each. When we break down the math, that means that for every Yahoo search preformed using this toolbar, you will get a $0.03 value in return – (5 Air Miles * $0.30 / 50 searches = $0.03) – getting paid to search, it’s about time!

As a search marketer I tend to search Yahoo fairly often, not as much as Google, but still, enough to get a little extra padding on my Air Miles Account.