Have you ever wondered exactly when and where viewers watch your YouTube videos? YouTube Insight, a new tool has been created by Google’s engineering team in Zurich, to allow users to dive deeper into the statistics behind their posted videos.

Guardian.co.uk reported on the new addition Thursday morning.

“We know a lot of data about video consumption and we want to give some of that back,” Jacobi said. “A lot of bands use the site, and YouTube Insight is a very easy way to work out where in the world your fans are. That’s very important for planning, marketing and touring, and helps tailor their product.”

Users will now be able to see statistics such as how often their videos are viewed in different geographic regions, overall popularity against related videos, the lifecycle of videos, and what happens to your videos as popularity peaks. Soon they will also be adding additional features including what time of day your videos get the most views, and how viewers discovered them in the first place.

To view statistical information about your Videos, follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your YouTube account
  • Click “account” at the top right
  • Near the top left, hover over “My Account” and select “Videos, Favorites, & Playlists”
  • Click the “About this Video” button to the right of the video you are interested in.

More information can be found in the YouTube blog.