I’ve had people ask me why I dislike using Internet Explorer so much.

I suppose part of the reason for my distaste is the behaviour Microsoft has displayed in the past and present. Forcing the use of their software has never sat well with me, particularly when the software in question is always so full of holes. Internet Explorer is infamous for bugs, ranging from major security flaws to simple annoyances and everything in between.

I just don’t trust software that has always had so many obvious as well as not so obvious problems.

The example below pretty much sums up my lack of faith and explains why I use an alternate browser whenever possible.

I like to install windows updates manually so I can see what I’m installing and only install what I think is absolutely necessary. Every time I do this, I get this same window popping up.

I can’t see a point to having a trusted sites list if I have to confirm this one every single time. It comes pre-installed on the Start Menu for Pete’s sake!

Presumably the warning of the potential security risk here is that you are about to expose your system to more Microsoft software. 😀