Last year StepForth celebrated its 10th year anniversary as a company and today we get to celebrate another auspicious event; the 1000th post in the StepForth SEO Blog!

Since 2002 the StepForth staff has been writing newsletters, articles, and white papers which if totalled would accumulate to far more than 1000 pieces of content but the StepForth’s SEO Blog’s inaugural post was published on August 20th, 2003; “Yahoo and MSN Continue to Grab for Google’s Gold” by our previous in-house writer Jim Hedger. Not long after, on August 27th I wrote an article about the advantages of having a blog called “A Marketing Tool that is Difficult to Ignore.” I was pretty excited about the whole concept of blogging and the obvious marketing benefits inherent to the medium. But little did I know we would actually see the day where we would break the 1000 postings barrier.

It has taken me a while to tell the world about our little milestone because I was in the middle of dealing with a newborn (a milestone of a different kind) so the SEO Blog is now a bit past the 1000th post mark.

Since our website has no way of publicly presenting the number of postings here is a snapshot of our Blogger interface with the current posting count:

Reflection is Inevitable
When thinking about how to write this post I quickly got lost in reflection when it occurred to me this was a great opportunity to ask our most active past and current authors what they felt about the SEO Blog. Let’s start with our old friend Jim Hedger:

Ross Dunn: “Looking back what posts are you most proud of on the StepForth SEO Blog?”

Jim (Jimbot) HedgerJim Hedger: “The posts surrounding the Florida Update, SARS Emergency, and the posts about that May 2005 Google patent are the ones I think I am most proud of. It’s really hard to say. There were so many and it was such a heady time.”

Ross Dunn: “Do you have anything you would like to add on this auspicious occasion? :-)”

Jim Hedger: “The StepForth SEO Blog is one of the most frequently read and cited blogs in the search marketing industry. It is the venue in which I learned I could write and one to which I feel an enormous sense of gratitude and loyalty. I owe it and StepForth my career, a debt I shall never forget and can only hope to one day repay. I am proud my name is associated with the history of the StepForth SEO Blog and very proud of StepForth’s accomplishments over the years.

“Congratulations Ross. I’m not sure you realize the debt the SEO industry owes you and the amazing SEO shop you’ve built. StepForth has consistently provided reliable and honest information to a sector that is in constant evolution. One thousand posts later, you’re still at it. I wish you several thousand more.”

I am blushing! Jim is always very gracious (overly in this case I think) and I would like to thank him for his many years at StepForth and his continued promotion of our web marketing services. Jim – you rock!

It is now time for Scott Van Achte to get put on the spot; Scott is the Senior SEO at StepForth and an invaluable contributor to the StepForth SEO Blog.

Ross Dunn: “Of the posts you have contributed what post comes to mind as your fondest?”

Scott Van Achte: “Over the last several years I have enjoyed contributing to the StepForth Blog. I am not sure I can pick a single favorite post, but one of my most recent posts, “How to Optimize for Google” has received quite a bit of positive feedback and attention, which is rewarding. I think my favorites would have to be those that provide information that is truly helpful for readers, although the most fun to write are the strange and unusual such as the “Boring / Google Lawsuit” or when Google successfully answered a question I had on the first try!”

Ross Dunn: “What would you like to say about this auspicious milestone?”

Scott Van Achte: “Its great to see that we have reached the 1000 mark for blog posts. Lately we have been putting much more effort into our news blog and its really starting to show. Having our resource reach this point with such a solid reader base is definitely make it an exciting milestone.”

Ross Dunn: “In a year from now what do you think the StepForth Blog will be writing about?”

Scott Van Achte: “As we move forward into 2009 and beyond, I think the StepForth blog will only change in a minor way. We will likely still have all the same tutorial type articles, and latest search engine news, but we will probably have more content on areas such as social media and analytics. While we touch on these topics now, they will likely take up more of the spotlight into the future.”

Now for My Two Bits
This is Ross Dunn and his new little boy Zander Dunn... born June 17th, 2008To finish things off I would like to share the postings I wrote which I am most fond of:

  1. The 10 Minute Optimization was a huge hit when it came out in 2003 and helped a number of our readers get the rankings they need… that always feels good. I put out the updated version in 2006 (linked above).
  2. In the comments area of my Feb 2007 article “Yahoo Reinvents an Old Wheel: Paid Inclusion Gets a Facelift”’s then CEO, Jim Lanzone gave Yahoo a solid ribbing on the search engine’s controversial re-introduction of paid inclusion. Not long after receiving his excellent and thorough comment I recreated it into a posting that felt very satisfying; “’s CEO Reconfirms His Opinions on Yahoo Paid Inclusion.” After all, to this day I think paid inclusion should be a way of the past and it was wonderful to see someone with Jim’s credibility stepping up and publicly criticizing Yahoo’s questionable decisions… hmm Yahoo seems full of those are they not? 😉

There are many more that come to mind but those articles above are definitely memorable. Other than articles, I think the most fun has come from working with a great team and experiencing the pros and cons that come with a readership; I had to learn quickly there was no way to make everyone happy.

Next Step… the 2000th Blog Posting
The StepForth SEO Blog has experienced a lot of wonderful growth over the years thanks to the talent and dedication of its writers and support staff so it does not seem a stretch to imagine a 2000th blog posting occurring sooner than later. All we need now is a new look and a fresh approach… after all, there is always room for improvement. On that note, this September StepForth will be starting its 11th year of business and in conjunction with that we will be launching our new website which will include a new blog format along with new services we have yet to post on our current site.

The future looks bright especially if the SEO Blog can keep the attention of readers like yourself; which we will continue to try hard to do. Thank you for your support! We look forward to serving you fresh unique content long into the future.


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by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.