Including features that are commonly found on other networks like Facebook and MySpace, Yahoo Mash was Yahoo’s beta attempt at the Social Networking scene.

I have to ask the question “where have I been?” It was not long ago that I reported on the demise of Windows Live Expo, a classified ad platform that I had never heard of until its doors were closed. Now, I hear of the loss of Yahoo Mash, another entity that, well, I didn’t know existed until I read a twitter post from Lee Odden noting that its shutting down.

As of Sept 29, just a few short weeks from now, Yahoo Mash will no longer exist (according to the official Mash Blog. The post does not go on to note the reason for the closure, but does state that if you wish to retain any data within your account, you’d better grab it before Sept 29, because after then, it will be gone forever.

I may not use every program, application, and web entity out there, but I do like to think that I at least know of the existence of the important ones. Maybe that’s the key, “important”? But, for me to have not even heard about Yahoo Mash, not even through the grapevine, this shouts out that Yahoo Mash was a failure for a reason, nobody knew about it, likely the same reason for the death of Live Expo.

Perhaps the “invite only” access was a killer right from the start, or perhaps the beta never really worked as they had planned, who knows, but had they done more to get the word out, Mash may have been the next big thing since potatoes.