Google Docs logoIf you’ve been swayed away from your Microsoft Office products and are now a frequent user of Google Docs you may be interested to know that a select few users will now have offline access to their Google Docs files, as Google begins rolling out their offline editing access.

On Monday Google announced in the Official Google Docs Blog the upcoming functionality to their software. The big push came with requiring the ability to work on your documents when on an airplane, commuting to work, or when your home internet access goes down.

Now users will have the ability to work on their files offline and synchronize when they again have an active internet connection. This is all made quite seamless and easy as it all happens behind the scenes. Users will not have to remember to save documents locally, or to save their changes when an active connection is restored, everything is done automatically.

This increased functionality helps Google get one step further in their pursuit to take a piece of Microsoft’s desktop publishing pie.