The evolution of the internet is anything but dull. It is a precarious world that is subject to the influence of both devious and altruistic actions. Just like any human society, there is chaos and there is order. Yet, what makes the cyberworld so unique is the opportunity for people to come together that may never have done so by traditional networks. Through communication on different websites and blogs, individuals can discover new ways to make mischief or find assistance in solving crimes.

Recently, there have been some particularly interesting happenings in Internetville that I’d like to share with StepForth’s loyal blog readers. Top of the list is the now infamous Craig’s List Hoax; where a man’s property was raided by car loads of people who had read a false ad on the popular classifieds site that stated – “Everything must go”. At first, it was unclear who perpetrated this spiteful and sinister act. Theories did exist. But, now that the dust has settled it seems clear to authorities who was responsible. As it turns out, the hoax was simply a creative attempt by thieves to cover their tracks.

Another unusual story that’s been unfolding over the net this week is the WOW, You’re a Moron fiasco. A tale which began when the victim of a burglary posted on his personal blog what had happened to him. What makes this story so fascinating is the reactions some readers had to the mans plight. They felt they needed to help the victim, so they decided to aid in tracking down the culprits. One blogger – a man from the UK – did some sleuthing and called a suspect’s house; yet, he only spoke with the boy’s mother. Plus, there have been an endless barrage of angry gamers pouncing on the prime suspect’s Xbox Live account since the victim made it public. A discovery the victim made after being contacted by a kid claiming he had his loot and was willing to ransom it back.

So far, all but a TV have been returned.

Surprisingly, this week had other examples of social networks assisting in the pursuit of justice. Such is the case with a collector car thief being tracked down and arrested due to the efforts of angry car blog members.

Stories likes these make me wonder what sort of shenanigans or crime solving tactics will occur next. Certainly helps make the argument that anything is possible… on the internet.