A new social media website called Thoof has recently come out of beta. Thoof is similar to Digg but features a couple of interesting differences:

  1. Titles and Descriptions for content added to Thoof can be updated by users to make them more useful. This is particularly handy since some titles and descriptions are horridly written despite the excellent source content.
  2. Thoof uses an algorithm to ‘learn’ what you like and don’t like which ultimately drives the type of content that appears on your personalized Thoof home page.

Read/WriteWeb posted a great review on Thoof detailing the pros and cons of this social media startup.

CNet’s Michael Kanellos wrote a hilarious and very true article ribbing review websites. The gist? Despite review sites having a rightful place in the web world reviewers are getting carried away and the result is a lot of obsessively detailed, over-written content.

Does anyone use Facebook other than 15 to 25 year olds and the techcrunch 50,000? This question was posed by the “VC” blog yesterday and was followed up with some interesting stats on the age spectrum of Connecticut College Facebook users as well as data from MIT. The result was fairly predictable in my opinion since it was a college-based poll: Facebook use drops off dramatically with users 30 years and over.