I just finished adding a new tutorial to StepForth’s web marketing knowledgebase based on redirecting domains in two different ways that are both search engine friendly and completely ethical:

  1. THE NEW ONE: Redirecting http://www.yourolddomain.com to http://www.yournewdomain.com is not very difficult you just need to know how. I explain this in the free tutorial I just put online today: how to properly redirect an old domain to a new domain.
  2. Redirecting http://yourdomain.com to http://www.yourdomain.com is a great way to capture link popularity that you have already earned but never properly benefited from. This might be confusing but consider that many people mistakenly link to your website forgetting the “www” in the URL. This mistake seems somewhat anticlimactic to them since they get you to your site either way. Unfortunately for you, however, Google and the other search engines consider these two versions of your domain as entirely different websites. As a result, that valuable link popularity you received is being sent nowhere very useful. By redirecting non-www traffic to the www version of your domain you can actually turn this all around and benefit from that link popularity!

These tutorials are only the beginning of many the StepForth crew plan to provide over the next few months. If you want to see more of our tutorials please visit our FAQ which is now more formally called our Web Marketing Knowledgebase.

PS. For all of those subscribed to our SEO newsletter please note we will not be sending out a newsletter this week. We are a bit shorthanded due to staff vacations and since many of our readers are off celebrating their July 4th this seemed like a smart move. We will be back next week with more SEO tips and search engine news. I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here! Now I am off to enjoy what is left of the sun.