Many website owners know that their target market utilizes social technologies but few know to what extent and what technologies they should target. Forrester Research has helped by providing some insight into the minds of 10,000 online users within the report “Social Technographics®” released April 19th, 2007. What do they mean by social technographics? The creators and/or readers of; blogs, online videos (i.e. YouTube), podcasts, forums, product review sites, etc.

The complete report will require a modest fee of $279 and is available but a free helpful slidehow by Forrester analyst Charlene Li provides some great data to whet your appetite.

Some statistics from the Social Technographics® slideshow:

  • 33% of the adults polled read blogs, watch “peer-generated video”, and listen to podcasts. The average household income of these users is $67,889.
  • 15% of the adults polled use RSS and tag web pages (i.e. “Digg” or “StumbleUpon”). The average household income of these users is $66,475.