For fans of US Football, the most important annual television event kicks off early Sunday afternoon, live from Motor City USA, Detroit. The Super Bowl is the biggest yearly sporting event in North America, rivaled only by European Football’s World Cup. More viewers are expected to watch the game for three hours on Sunday than are expected for any other scheduled program or event. That makes the commercial spots, which are billed higher than for all other time-slots, extremely important for the advertisers who purchase them.

Super Bowl ads are legendary for their creativity and some of the most well known and popular TV commercials made their debuts in previous games. Many of those watching on Sunday will actually be more interested in the ads than they are in the game. Unfortunately for Canadian viewers, these commercials are often blacked-out by local cable companies, who run their own commercials, none of which are as funny or well produced as the REAL Super Bowl ads.

Lucky for those of us living outside the States, Yahoo and IFilm will be compiling an archive of 2006 Super Bowl Ads, displaying them at Yahoo Video shortly after the end of the game. Commercials from previous Super Bowl Sundays will also be available at the site.

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