StepForth is leaving its quiet, residential space in the Fernwood neighborhood of Victoria and moving downtown to its new Bastion Square offices.

The move is prompted in part by the tremendous growth of our industry over the past few years. We’ve grown too, bringing on new staff, upgraded services and a growing list of marketing partners. Also, the new location is simply too nifty to pass up.

This will be our last full day in our current space. On Friday, we start the process of ripping out the servers, dismantling the office, disconnecting our computers and saying goodbye to the funkiest section of town.

We’ll miss the Thin-Edge of the Wedge pizza parlor, the George and Dragon Pub, and our downstairs neighbour, “Fast Sammy” the convenience store owner. Our free-range mascot, Hydro the death-defying squirrel will also be remaining behind.

Our new offices are located in historic Bastion Square overlooking Victoria ‘s gorgeous inner-harbour. Our new building houses some of the oldest offices in the Pacific Northwest region, originally built as a warehouse for supplies heading towards the Yukon gold-rush or to logging and mining interests on the north end of Vancouver Island.

Needless to say, we are all excited and a bit intimidated by the move.

As of Monday, our new address is:

StepForth Placement Inc.
#208, 26 Bastion Square
Victoria BC,
V8W 1H9

Please note that our phone numbers and email addresses will not change.

Toll Free (North America) : 1-877-385-5526
Local Phone Number: 250-385-1190

On behalf of the StepForth crew, I’d like to say thanks to the entire Fernwood neighbourhood. You’ve put up with a lot of parties, traffic, and general geeky weirdness from our space and we’re going miss it here. Thanks for the support, friendship and being such amazing neighbours.