There is a low buzz in the SEO world about a new Google patent titled: “System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results”. You can find the actual Google patent here. As far as patents go this seems to be an odd one; there are a wide variety of interpretations of this patent and from what I can tell they all have some merit.

I don’t personally have much to say about this patent now because the simple fact is that I have to give it a more thorough read. I can tell you, however, that reviewing new patents is not a priority for me because they are only *possible* indications of future updates; too much ‘if’ for me to consider it a concern. At any rate I do consider it a bit of a hobby to keep up on what the latest and greatest minds of search engine companies are coming up with and maybe you do to.

Here are a few sites that have posted opinions about this patent: