Question: There are a number of wire services (like PRweb) for submitting
press articles to online news feeds. Is it recommended to use a few of them
for article submission or am I running the risk of having my article
submitted to any particular distribution partner more than once. Is there
any advice you can give me regarding which services distribute to which
distribution partners and how to select which ones to use. – Frank O.

Answer: I recommend using only a single company to distribute your releases. In my opinion PRWeb is the leader in the world of online press release distribution.

Will using multiple press release companies hurt your online visibility? First of all consider that a professional, well-entrenched company such as PRWeb is going to do an excellent job of disseminating your news so chances are high that you would be wasting money using multiple companies. Secondly, consider the damage you could do if your news appears too often… spamming could produce backlash and I highly doubt multiple submissions will help search engine results.

I have used and hear enough about PRWeb to suggest that it is the ‘go-to’ company for press releases. That said, I am not an authority in the world of press release advertising (I have a hard enough time staying focused on the SEO world) so I cannot provide much more advice. I did, however, spend additional time studying the forms and they state that the base $80 SEO distribution package on PRWeb (note free submission is now no longer available) gives a great bank for your buck at only $80 per release. In addition, I came across some good feedback on the new SEO + social media $120 package.

In short, I believe my advice is informed enough to serve you well but I am sure there are many with more experience than myself in this area that can provide more detail. If you need more information I suggest checking the forums out at WebmasterWorld, WebProNews or SmallBusinessBrief (Search Engine Guide’s forum) and posting your question(s) there.