Google has another, somewhat secretive search engine called Kudos to Nathan Weinberg for releasing this valuable piece of information! Search Mash appears to be a testbed of sorts for AJAX search technology (the same technology that Microsoft’s new search engine uses). Check out the Search Mash features list and you will see how some of the options seem to steer more toward a higher level of personalized results; a direction Google is forging towards.

I can’t say I like the search engine all that much but I know it isn’t meant to win any popularity contests. It appears to be Google’s playground for search technology; something not meant to be taken too seriously by mainstream searchers.

At any rate by testing Search Mash you are bound to get a glimpse at some of the features that will be present in the future AJAX version of Google. A version that is very likely to appear within the next couple of years (unless a better technology is in their sites).