Yesterday (the 26 of September), a Mr. David Eun, VP of Content Partnerships posted a blanket notice titled “Our approach to content” describing Google’s respect for copyrights. I recommend reading this posting but if you want the Coles notes… here is a snippet that sums it up well:

“… over the years we’ve come up with three primary principles to ensure that we respect content owners and protect their rights:

  • we respect copyright;
  • we let owners choose whether we index their content in our products;
  • we try to bring benefit back to content owners by partnering with them.”

Mr. Eun does a good job of representing Google in this post. In fact, by highlighting how flexible Google is I think he does a great job of showing how silly this whole whiney copyright issue has become. I mean come on! If you (the copyright owner) wants money from Google, just be honest about it and don’t try to attack them under the guise of copyright infringement. If you don’t want to be listed in Google it is a very simple matter of implementing the proper tags.