Clickriver Beta
Search engine company A9, a wholly owned subsidiary of has launched a secure beta called Clickriver which allows advertisers to launch pay-per-click campaigns on The service is currently in Beta and for the moment is only offered to pre-screened applicants – apply here.

Advertisers will be able to promote their wares “on search results pages and on many product detail pages” according to Clickriver’s FAQ. Opening Amazon to the PPC marketplace has some impressive implications considering the millions of consumers that Amazon caters to. For example, advertisers will now be able to advertise next to products that are currently being reviewed for purchase; a qualifier that will undoubtedly heighten the interest of cutting-edge advertisers. Simply put, the cross-promotional potential of this new offering is huge.

If you happen to get in on the beta I would love to get your opinion on this new service. Just drop me a note via or post a comment.

Special thanks to John Battelle and ResourceShelf for cluing me in on this excellent new offering.