Well I am researching topics for tomorrow’s StepForth Weekly and I came across this unbelievable new search engine that uses Google’s system to search for certain questionable files. I just had to share this with you!

Unbelievable? Yes it is definitely that… it is called “Malware” by Metasploit. Essentially it is a search engine for finding malware (aka. viruses, trojans, worms – all the bad out there). Here is the link http://metasploit.com/research/misc/mwsearch/index.html now you tell me if this is what you would call useful?

My Word
I think it is absolutely awesome that such experiments in search can take place; it is what makes the Internet so wonderous to me. The fact that anyone can create a search device that uses Google’s own algorithm to search for a specific file signature (which is what this does) is pretty incredible. Now it has been done so shut it down or use it for good. If this system were to be used privately to inform sites or search engines that they had links to viruses that would be excellent. But in my opinion allowing the public access to something like this is asking for trouble.

That’s my take and I hope you leave a comment or two with yours!

PS. The reason the title says “CENSORED” is because they originally had “MALWARE” written there using Google’s colors; which undoubtedly prompted a legal ‘response’ from Google’s Legal team.

Malware search article by Ross Dunn, CEO,
StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc.