Yahoo had a pretty good day yesterday.

Yahoo reported better than expected revenues in a first quarter report issued early yesterday. Yahoo’s earnings from January 1 to March 31 were $205 million, up from the $101 million they reported last year. Excluding money shared with search partners such as MSN, revenues were up almost 50% to $821 million.

Wall Street analysts had expected revenues around $797 million. When monies paid to search partners are included in Yahoo’s quarterly revenues, the number rises to $1.17 billion.

Yahoo has several revenue streams resulting from years of content development and numerous advertising programs. Paid-search in the form of contextually delivered ads makes up the greatest part of their income, responsible for about 45% of annual revenues.

Yahoo showed growth against every standard used to rate it. Domestic revenues in the US increased by 37% to $819 million from the $599 million reported last year. International revenues increased a dramatic 124% to $355 million from $159 million in early 2004. Yahoo Japan also posted record revenues last quarter, showing a 34% increase in revenues over the same period last year.