It looks like some of us are going to be spending the coming weeks pouring over the latest Google Patent document which was filed on July 13, 2004 and published October 27, 2005.

According to the patent abstract, which was filed by Google employees Stephen Lawrence, Oren Eli Zamir, Jeffry Korn, and Andrew Fikes, the document addresses:

“A system and method for using a user profile to order placed content in search results returned by a search engine. The user profile is based on search queries submitted by a user, the user’s specific interaction with the documents identified by the search engine and personal information provided by the user. Placed content is ranked by a score based at least in part on a similarity of a particular placed content to the user’s profile. User profiles can be created and/or stored on the client side or server side of a client-server network environment.”

There are 52 unique points outlined in the patent. A further 133 descriptive notes and connections with other patents filed by Google are included in the document. It is obviously going to be a very long weekend.