Google has incorporated satellite images into Google Maps. The new feature offers the ultimate in bird’s eye views for searchers using Google Maps by replacing the standard 2-dimentional maps with images taken by satellite. On the upper right hand side of the Google Maps page is a small text-link that toggles between standard map and satellite image. The satellite images are currently only available for North American addresses but will be introduced for other regions as the year progresses.

Google uses its Map tool in Local search results, helping users plot the fastest route from point A to points B, C, D and E, a feature that translates well from flat-map to satellite map. To get a better sense of the full functionality of Google Maps, request a route from Seattle WA to Miami Beach FL. Note how every time you need to alter course or change highways, Google places a “pin” in the map. Now that Keyhole satellite images are incorporated in their map feature, an image of the intersection or highway interchange is displayed.

Google’s newest (and neatest) toy is the stuff of spy novels. Speculation on the introduction of an orbital mind control laser feature or an obstacle removing photon ray assistant is brewing however Google spokespersons are not commenting about (or even giggling about) these rumours.