The search engine industry has received massive attention over the past few years including incredible increases in gross profit. The fact is, the search engine industry is extremely hot these days and many investors are leaping at the chance to enter into the market and take their piece of the pie. The following are a sampling of the new search engines on the block:

Another Idealab creation, Snap appears to have some truly winning concepts in place; namely that the search engine reveals a great deal of its user data to the public. This data is normally treated like gold on search engines because it can provide valuable information on user habits and referrer data. In this case though, Snap shows all of this data front and center on its home page for all to see. This combined with a unique method of sorting results by popularity, satisfaction, web popularity, web satisfaction and domain has really shone a spotlight on this entry engine. We will be sure to keep an eye on it for you. In the meantime, try taking a tour of its capabilities. And I can’t help but to mention… what a great name!

Touted as “The Men’s Only Search Engine”, MaZaZZ is a meta search engine with a few gadgets that appear to be created for men. This search engine retrieves its result data from: HotBot, MSN, Alta Vista, AlltheWeb, Teoma and Yahoo!. Personally my first impression of this site is lackluster; I think the concept is relatively sound but there just does not seem to be enough that sets it apart from other search engines. It doesn’t help that it looks just like Google used to look.

Ahh! There is that frightening name again. Last weeks article on this search engine pretty much sums it up: an excellent resource with a very bad name. no longer valid)

Dubbed the first “Cost Per Action Search Engine”, offers advertising based on commission. Advertisers on this search engine do not pay per click but pay a percentage for every sale or lead they generate. Here is a press release with some more information.