We couldn’t let this one go past without sharing it. Apparently, the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia has experienced three weeks that could have come from a Stephen King novel. Their cyber-appliances such as refrigerators, toasters and televisions have been mysteriously exploding, for no reason whatsoever. If the explosions were isolated incidents or had only happened in one home, there might be an explanation for the things that go boom in the night, however, twelve houses have been ravaged by fire and the entire town has been evacuated.

After teams of scientists and engineers failed to find a scientific explanation, the town has turned to the Vatican, hoping to find relief via an exorcism. Father Gabriel Amorth, the Vatican’s chief expert on exorcisms, said: “With cases of demon behavior it is normal for domestic appliances to be involved and for demons make their presence known via electricity.”

I swear we at StepForth are not making this up. The truth is almost always stranger than fiction but, if you require a second or third source, please visit: The Scotsman Newspaper and The Register.