If you are looking to spend some of your advertising dollars on Pay Per Click (PPC), but don’t care for the high prices of Google and Overture, you may want to take a look at some of the other PPC engines out there.

Many PPC Engines charge set up fees and have minimum click through rates of 5 and 10 cents, along with minimum monthly spends. For a small business on a limited budget testing the PPC waters, this may prove to be rather expensive. goClick offers no set up fees or minimum monthly spend, and click rates as low as a cent.

Once you have signed up, your initial deposit can be as low as $10 to allow you to try out their services, thereafter the minimum is $25. With no fees and such a low initial deposit, this gives advertisers a great opportunity to try out goClick without the risk.

In many cases you will find keywords normally selling for over a dollar on Google, can be purchased for just a cent on goCLick. For advertisers on a limited budget this gives them the chance to bid on some of the more popular keywords without draining their advertising resources. With a search network handling more then 600 million searches per month, goClick is a great alternative providing quality traffic.

goClick’s interface is very simple and straight forward, and for someone new at PPC they will likely have no problem figuring out how to set up and manage their account.

For an experienced AdWords advertiser, there may be a level of frustration with goClick’s lack of reporting features. They currently offer a fairly basic means of reporting that displays keyword clicks, average cost and average position, and a report to isolate specific days. For most, this will be sufficient, but for some users, they may prefer more detail.

Overall for someone interested in generating some new traffic at a relatively low cost, with a minimum commitment of only $10, goClick is certainly worth a look.