It looks as if Google has stabilized, for now at least. After four months of intense updating and incensed advertisers, the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) finally appear worthy of Google’s reputation. Last week StepForth predicted a major change at Google which happened over the weekend, resulting in the best results we’ve seen in months. Google has redesigned their PageRank algorithm, amalgamating semantic language recognition technology acquired from Applied Semantics (purchased by Google in the summer of 2003), and major sections of what has become known as the Hilltop Algorithm.

In what appeared to be the first Google-Dance of the new year, the world’s most popular search tool has won its way back into the hearts of many in the SEO community by finally offering clean, clear results.

Google continues to pay very close attention to the quality of incoming links, most heavily rewarding those from “authority” sites with very high page ranks in the 7 – 9 range. Webmasters are advised to check the number of links recognized by Google on a daily basis to keep themselves appraised of any sudden changes.