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WFCP Google Authorship Install Service


Tired of seeing your competitors showing up in Google search results with their headshot next to their rankings?
Or maybe you are just worried they will and you will be left behind?

Take a look at the highlighted (I added that part) screenshot from a Google search result… it makes clicking awfully tempting doesn’t it?!


You may be wondering how this is done and the simple answer is that Google only offers this enhanced search result to people with a proven track record of writing great, unique content under their name. The term for this service is Google Authorship and it is an incredibly powerful tool for every business to take advantage of – yet so so many haven’t bothered to set it up. That means you can be ahead of the curve.

What do you need to set up and take advantage of Google Authorship?

  1. A Google+ account
  2. A headshot must be used on your Google+ profile: with a clear, recognizable photo of your face
  3. You need to write articles/posts on a blog or news site online. More basically, it has to be used “on pages written by people where it is easy to infer there is an author” (Pierre Far of Google).
  4. A website where we can edit your content easily to add the necessary code for Authorship to work: we will determine this together over the phone after you fill out this form.

For only $99 StepForth will install Google Authorship on your website!

This is an offer provided only to approved associations like the WFCP. Our regular price is $149.99…

That’s right, $50 Off!



By installing Google Authorship you get the following excellent benefits:

  • Protect your hard work: People cannot steal your content and call it their own; this has been a HUGE problem for years.
  • Increase rankings: Google is expected to use Authorship to influence its search engine rankings (where and when you show up in results) this year! If you are not a part of Authorship you will not be able to benefit and the longer you are a part of it the better off you could be (depending on how often you write).
  • Increased exposure: If a search engine user visits a ranking that had your Authorship attached (the picture like the above image) goes back to Google after spending a reasonable amount of time digesting your content, Google will provide more results from that Author… you!
  • Hello branding gods: Just imagine how powerful it would be to see the same face over and over again as someone researches window fashion tips? That kind of free advertising has to build some brand recognition!

Don’t miss this awesome discount! Just fill out this form and we will be in touch within 2 business days at which point we will ask you how you found out about this service and I will apply the discount accordingly.