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Web site Audit

Website Audit

In the Details


It could be that your web site was optimized at one time for search engine rankings but by today’s standard it has fallen short and requires some reworking to bring it up to the level required to compete in the search engines.

When your web site is properly optimized it will have a better chance of obtaining the kind of higher quality visitors that lead to increased sales/conversions. The following are just a few of the 120+ elements we will consider when we conduct our SEO web site audit service on your web site followed by a client testimonial:

Is your web site’s structure and technology search engine friendly?

 If the answer is no your web site could be blocking search engines or at the very least impede rankings that you should and could attain with only a few tweaks to the structure of your web site. For example, there are specific types of navigation that are commonly used on web sites and search engines can’t even follow the links inside them.

Here are some examples of the considerations during a web site audit:

  • Does your web site conform to Google’s strict webmaster guidelines? How long ago did you check the guidelines? Unfortunately, Google tends to move the lines we cannot cross rather often. Don’t get caught crossing it or your site’s visibility will suffer.
  • How many levels of depth are there in your web site? In other words, how many clicks does it take to get to the deepest page?
  • Are you using technology that search engines find impossible to follow?
  • And much more; request an audit here.

Are you targeting the correct keywords on your web site?

More often than not we discover that the keywords targeted within the audited web site actually provide very little traffic because they are not commonly searched. In our SEO audit of your web site we will look closely at the keywords you chose using keyword analysis to determine how and whether they can be improved.

  • Are you targeting keywords your target market is searching for?
    Without in-depth keyword research the answer is probably NO!
  • Was the site optimized for varying keyword formations and synonyms for a key phrase?
  • How well is the site crafted to present the accurate theme to search engines?
  • And much more; request an audit here.


Our web site audits require several hours of analysis so they begin at $699.99 and include a one-on-one walkthrough of the audit findings along with actionable, prioritized and structured recommendations for improvement.

Are you still unconvinced? Perhaps you think a web site audit should be free? It is a common question we have answered in detail here.

Take Their Word For It

I found out about Ross Dunn and the team at StepForth Web Marketing by becoming a regular listener of the SEO 101 podcast. After listening to Ross it became very clear that he was the real deal; a truly informed and experienced web marketer that I could trust with my business. Since then I engaged Ross and his team to conduct a SEO audit of one of my web sites and the result was exactly what I had hoped for… a thorough and detailed outline of the issues that were keeping my site from the traffic it deserved. Since applying many of their suggestions my site has increased its organic search engine traffic by over 20%. I am now confidently engaging their services with my other web sites!

– Ori Klein