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Web Analytics Solutions

Web Analytics Solutions

Google Analytics

Google offers a FREE web analytics tool called Google Analytics that can collect POWERFUL information about the people that visit your web site and how they interact with it. The information this tool gathers can easily be used to improve the efficiency of your web site to increase sales or whatever result your web site is designed to provide.

Google Analytics Services by StepForth


For further information and/or a service estimate on any of the following feel free to contact us for details.

  • Setup Google Analytics on Your Web Site: Installing Google Analytics is not a difficult process but we would be glad to help you setup your account and get it running smoothly.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Google Analytics Account: Google Analytics can appear daunting and it is easy to get lost in all of the data. Our analytics professionals will help you determine the most important information for your web site and we will make sure the system is setup to make monitoring that crucial data simple. We will also show you how and when you should act on the information you receive.
  • Regular Google Analytics Monitoring and Reporting: It is entirely possible you have no interest or time to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics. If this is the case, we can monitor your Google Analytics account(s) and provide a regular report outlining the trends and important information you need to make educated decisions for your web site marketing and to help your web site improve based on the useful data this analytics solution provides.
  • Web Site Analytics Review: We will review your Google Analytics data and provide you actionable information to make smart decisions NOW to increase web site conversions. More information on this valuable service is available on our Web Site Analytics Review page.

Learn more about the power and features available in Google Analytics at our Web Site Analytics Knowledge base Page. Very informative videos and tutorials can be found there.