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Web Site Analytics Review

Website Analytics Review

The Analytics Review Process 

Website analytics reviews are an immersive process that requires your StepForth analyst to become intimately familiar with the conversion points of your web site before the corresponding data has been collected. This is similar to an auto mechanic trying to decipher an engine he/she has never seen to determine what is wrong with it; it is possible but it requires time for the mechanic to familiarize him/herself with the engine and the most crucial parts.

Once the analyst has become familiar with your web site’s workings he/she will begin to evaluate the effectiveness of each conversion point; just as the mechanic would pay more attention to the more critical parts of the engine.

After reviewing the data collected the analyst will put together a comprehensive report outlining the parts of your web site that need to be tweaked to improve conversions; like a mechanic’s inspection report outlining areas that require replacing or TLC. The report will be created with actionable information for you (or StepForth) to implement on your web site.

The pricing for a web site analytics review depends on our need to first review your data to make sure it is robust enough to warrant the web site analytics review; we call this the Data Assurance Review.

Note: There is no charge for the Data Assurance Review.

Learn more about the power and features available in Google Analytics at our web site analytics page. Very informative videos and tutorials can be found there.

Some really good questions to ask:

1. Which of your marketing initiatives are most effective? Assorted campaigns can be tagged to look at metrics such as visits, demographics, referring sites, top landing pages, exit pages and so on. Are your referring sites worth advertising with?

2. What visitor behaviour can increase conversions on your site? Understanding your visitor’s online behaviour may lead to a higher completion of a quote request form or refinement of your shopping cart page.

3. Why should your goals be monetized? A closing ratio can be established and monitored, and through a feature called funnel visualization, we can see a process. Through goals we can look at possible trends.

4. Where and why are visitors abandoning particular pages? Where did the visitor go, did they not find what they are looking for? Is the web site or a particular page somehow driving people away? Bounce rates can help us understand if the information (or web design, navigation, etc) on the site is working or limited.

5. What do people do/not do while on the site?

6. What keywords resonate with prospects and have the power to convert them?

7. What is the buying cycle? We can look at Days to Purchase and Visits to Purchase.

8. If there was an opportunity for customers and new visitors to subscribe to an email alert regarding special promotions to what extent would this drive conversions?

9. What type of visitors comes to the site? Visitor reports can assist us in understanding not only visitor behaviour on the site but also give us statistical information on conversion differences between new vs returning visitors as well as new visitor vs a previous customer.

10. Why should I track a variety of campaigns? Because we can determine:

  • How the visitors got to your site
  • Which source brought the most visitors
  • Which source was the most profitable
  • Which source had the highest bounce rate, and
  • What is the Per Visit Goal Value (This is an extremely important metric to establish and to watch).

Using the data collected from your web site’s traffic we will show you how to improve your web site to build visitor retention and increase conversions.

Our web site analytics review service is an effective means to get a clear picture of what parts of your web site need to be improved in order to generate profits for your company.