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Most web sites collect information, behind the scenes, about every visitor to their site. This information is stored in data files that can be read and analyzed by many different programs for the purpose of gleaning a better understanding of visitor behaviour. All of this data crunching and interpretation is done often with one goal; making a web site more effective at converting visitors into customers. This process is called website analytics and it is important that the data your web site collects does not go to waste.

We use web site analytics to increase onsite conversions for pre-established goals and these are defined by determining your key performance indicators. Web site analytics can provide answers to difficult questions. In a nutshell such analysis can help identify visitor behaviour as:

  • What on your web site is working and what is not
  • What pay per click ads, sponsored links or directories are worthwhile to pay or not pay for
  • What is the impact of campaigns or trends, and
  • How to increase conversions on your web site

StepForth provides the following services to ensure effective use of your website’s analytic data but….

First Things First

Nothing can be done if there is no web analytics data to analyze, so if necessary we will setup your website to collect the necessary data. Although numerous analytics programs are available, recent maturing of the Google Analytics software makes this a practical and NO COST SOLUTION. In the majority of cases the setup process is relatively simple; specific coding for pages in your web site are provided by Google for you to incorporate into your web pages. For more information visit our Web Analytics Solutions page.

Web Site Analytics Review

Many people are put off by analytics due to the overwhelming amount of data that can be collected and oftentimes metrics that are important to you can get lost in the wealth of information. However, if properly set up, it can provide a focus on how to objectively increase your site conversions. Additionally, new important metrics may come to light that may have not been previously considered. We will review your web site’s analytics data in order to determine what can be done to increase your website’s effectiveness. The result will be a custom, comprehensive report with step-by-step actionable recommendations to improve your web site written in plain English. Find out more about our Web Site Analytics Review.

Monthly Analytics Analysis

Some businesses rely heavily, if not completely, on the success of their web site(s) to survive. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to have our experts review the analytics monthly. This is because even the smallest web site improvements resulting from our recommendations can add up to a notable increase in profits over several months.

Pay Per Click Analytics Analysis

There is a lot of valuable information stored on most web site log files related to pay per click campaigns and often this data can easily be used to find ways to increase the success of your campaigns. Our pay per click expert will review your analytics and use this information to either improve the pay per click campaigns or outline in detail what can be done to fix them yourself.

Google Web Site Optimizer

Google Web site Optimizer is another great FREE tool from Google with a unique purpose; it allows any web site owner to test multiple versions of the same web page to see which one converts better. If there are important landing pages that need to be tested or you simply want to improve the effectiveness of your home page or other vital pages like the shopping cart submit form let us know. We can implement this tool on your web site, track its progress, make changes as needed and ultimately make your web site a better place to be and do business. A/B Split testing or the more sophisticated Multivariate testing is available.

Learn more about the power and features available in Google Analytics at our web site analytics knowledgebase page. Very informative videos and tutorials can be found there.

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