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Social Media FAQ


Everyone’s talking about social media but I’m not quite convinced. Do I really need to bother?

Think about marketing like it’s a dinner party. In traditional (push) marketing, brands pump out their message in a very one-sided manner. It’s like walking into the dining room and shouting over all of the conversations. You’d probably never do that in real life. Customers have grown to expect a lot more from advertisers. They want you to be receptive to their questions and feedback; they want to feel like you listen to them and understand their values; they want to be able to engage with your brand in an open, real-time dialogue. As a brand, you need to slip into your seat at the dining table and mind your manners; listen in on the conversation before jumping in, and make sure that when you contribute, you have something of real value to add to those conversations. Once you’ve met the other guests, give out your phone number and invite the partygoers to follow up with you for coffee the following week. See the difference?

How much of my time is required?

As much or as little as you like. We can manage your entire campaign for you, or simply provide you with a comprehensive tactical strategy, accompanied by as much training as you feel you need to make your campaign a success.

Does my business need a presence on every social network?

No. In fact, for optimal results we’ll conduct a preliminary landscape and competitor audit to determine where your target audience is online and how your competitors are successfully reaching out to them. We feel that it’s better to put a concentrated effort into a few well-established profiles than to spread your presence too thin across a multitude of ineffective platforms.

What if someone says something negative about our company?

Chances are people are going to talk about your product or service whether you’re there or not. Why not be there to monitor the conversations that are happening?  Engage in the discussions to answer questions, thank and reward your fans, and address concerns when they arise.

I can’t manage our social campaign on my own. How can I be sure that my company will be appropriately represented online?

If your company is doing its own social media in-house, we strongly recommend creating a social media policy or guidelines. This is an opportunity to set out clear expectations of your staff and the messaging that they’re putting out to the world. In addition, because nearly everyone uses social networks on their own time, the social media policy can specify what your staff may or may not say about your company on their personal profiles or blogs while under your employ. A social media policy will also prepare your team to deal with the possibility of negative PR so that you’re prepared to handle it tactfully.

When our StepForth team helps you manage your social campaign, we’ll begin by providing you with a questionnaire that will help us completely understand the personality and parameters of your business. We follow this up with a meeting with you to make certain that we’re only publishing the type of messaging that you’re comfortable with. And for the first month, we’ll discuss our posts with you on a weekly, rather than a monthly basis.

Will social media help us be found better in the search results?

Because StepForth has spent over 15 years offering SEO services, we’re well equipped to help you optimize your content and social profiles; this will help your content be indexed by the search engines and give you greater exposure. Your social campaign will help build the number of links pointing to your website (backlinks) which is an important ranking factor. In addition, the more online property you populate, the more brand mentions that will appear in organic search results.  And with Google’s personalized search results, the more your brand appears across G+, the more your pages and posts will appear in your circles’ search results.

How will we know that we’re getting a good return on investment?

We’ll provide you with monthly reporting and meetings so that you can be certain that the work we’re doing is on track. Because there are a number of different metrics we can measure, we’ll work with you to define clear goals and then structure monthly reports based upon those key performance indicators. We’ll also incorporate your site’s Google Analytics so that you know how well your social visitors are converting.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered yet, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

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