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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Special Properties 

This section of our website is for those who wish to use the hot social properties of this day (such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, or whatever maybe popular) to increase their online reputation and by extension increase profits.

What is Social Media?

Social media is an umbrella term often used to describe a category of online properties that are entirely driven by user-generated content or user-participation. From another angle, the term “the social media” is often used to describe the users that frequent social media properties. The Social Media have also been called “citizen journalists” because of the powerful proliferation of news that social media regularly generates.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing broadly describes the application of effective marketing strategies on social media properties. Each social property has unique characteristics and etiquette that require different strategies in order to create a positive outcome. Social media marketing takes advantages of these conventions to promote a brand’s services or products.

Where to Start

Social media marketing is not something to be done without appropriate planning beforehand. If you do not plan effectively it is possible your work will be in vain or in the worst case scenario you will actually damage your business by igniting negative commentary.

First we need to understand more about your business so that we can determine what social properties are more likely to provide desirable returns on your investment. We do this by conducting a thorough landscape and competitor audit. By looking at where your target audience already is online, and how your competitors are successfully engaging with them, we can begin to construct a social media tactical strategy.


Create the Strategy

Whether you’re planning on implementing your strategy in-house or you’d like us to manage the process, a customized social media tactical strategy will tell you how to effectively engage your target audience and reflect key brand messaging across various social properties. The strategy will indicate which platforms we feel will be most valuable for your business to pursue, the main objectives that we’ll be addressing and tactics to help you get there. The strategy will also outline which KPIs will be measured so that you can be confident that you will see a positive ROI on your investment.


Preparation for Launch

Once the plan is devised it may be necessary to add some functionality to your website. We can help you add the necessary social icons and sharing functions to highlight your use of various social platforms. For example, if it is determined that becoming active on Twitter will be advantageous for your business, it may be worthwhile to advertise your Twitter activity by installing a small widget on your website that displays your Twitter stream and allows your visitors to follow you with one easy click of the mouse.



When it comes time to start implementing your new social media marketing strategy we’ll also implement a basic reputation management strategy; this will make use of third party software that will advise your social media management team of any discussion around your brand in social circles. Reputation monitoring is very valuable because it allows you to act quickly if anything positive or negative is being said about your brand. In either case it is often worthwhile to jump into the applicable social discussion and address the participants in thanks or to assist with any complaints. Here is some more information on Reputation Management.


Monthly Reporting and Support

Whether you’re managing your own campaign or we are, we will provide you with a monthly overview of the work completed. This report includes metrics to help us determine the success of your campaign. We’ll also draw on the metrics presented by your site’s Google Analytics to analyze the interactions with your website’s own content across social networks.

Because backlinks (incoming links to your site from third party websites) are an inevitable benefit of community building, we can also report on any links built as a result of your social campaigns.

The monthly reports will include any recommendations or opportunities that we discover in the course of our work, as well as the ways in which your staff may help the campaign excel. This might include such things as asking your clients to leave reviews or connect with your business via your new social networks, help us develop specialized content, or simply supply us with further information that we need to promote your work.

What Social Media Properties Are There Online?

Here are some of the most popular properties, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin; here is a link to a fairly comprehensive list in case you would like to see more.