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Veteran SEO Specialists

Sometimes getting the right traffic to your website just requires a little guidance, and that’s when search engine optimization consulting (SEO consulting) comes in.

At StepForth, our team of veteran SEO specialists will answer your individual SEO questions or act as ongoing advisors for your in-house search engine marketing team. Use our knowledge to provide the advice that will save you time and money

Our CEO, Ross Dunn (an SEO specialist since 1997) and Senior SEO, Scott Van Achte (an SEO specialist since 2003) provide one-on-one search engine optimization services that will allow you to make informed marketing decisions with excellent results.

Available on an hourly or retainer basis these two highly respected SEO specialists can answer your questions or act as ongoing advisors for your in-house SEO team. Training for in house SEO teams is also available.

Pricing and Request for Quotation
Hourly consulting fees are $125. If you have any questions or you wish to request a quotation please contact us.

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