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Professional Link Building

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a term used to describe building relevant links to a website with the goal of increasing the site’s ranking for specific keyword  phrases, and establishing the site as credible online. Some people believe that any type of link is worth having. However, this is not always the case. Acquiring organic links, which are links created without an explicit agreement or paid for, are the most beneficial for ranking with search engines.

Why is Link Building Important?

There are many factors that search engines follow to determine a site’s rank for certain keywords. A crucial component is the amount of quality links a website has. The more one way, authoritative links a site has, the higher they will most likely be ranked by search engines. The reason being, is that if authoritative sites link back to your site, it shows that you have unique value for the web; worthy of recognition in search results.

How Does StepForth Build Links?

We believe in link building strictly through white hat processes that are strategically built and manually performed.  The first step in our link building process is to determine how your site is ranking for your targeted keyword phrases and review the competitive digital landscape for the those keyword phrases. We do this using link profile software combined with detailed human analysis.

Professional Link Building Strategy

Custom link building campaigns are created for each client and our link building services never lose sight of supporting our client’s website goals. Our link building services create a diverse backlink profile for clients; we believe that it is very important to not depend on any one type of link; this also creates a more natural link footprint online. There are some links that are much easier to get and some that are very hard to get and a bunch more in between. We find relevant link opportunities through advanced search engine queries, competitor backlink analysis, and social participation. Some examples of the types of links we are able to build come from business directories, social communities, blog comments, forum participation, article directories, and guest posts.

Social Links

Social covers any site where users can submit content. We start off by finding relevant communities in your vertical space. We then create accounts and get involved in the conversation as valued contributors. We do not do any kind of automated submissions. We actually get involved by answering questions and getting involved in conversations. We won’t post any links until we feel the website likes us.

Blog Links

We contact blog owners that are within the targeted market and ask for links directly, post comments on their blog, or suggest relationships such as guest blog posts or link inclusion in relevant content.

Article Submissions

We write articles or take articles written by the client and submit them to specific websites that publish articles. There are 2 benefits to this. First you get links from the article websites and then when people download these articles and put them on their site. We pay particular attention to keeping up on the latest search engine updates such as the Panda Update and how it effects this form of marketing; this way we still use this marketing tactic but with a different expectation of the level and outcome of results.

Guest Posting

We contact owners of blogs relevant to yours and offer to make a guest post. This allows us to write a keyword rich  article and have a link in our bio or in the article itself.

Other company’s offer a guaranteed number of links secured per month. Do you offer this guarantee?

Often company’s guarantee x amount of links per month in their agreements, however quantity does not always mean quality and different types of links have different influence on your website. Our link building services are designed to have a direct, measurable impact on your site’s goals and are not measured by the number of links we get you. Your online success is what matters in the end, so to us it makes way more sense to gauge results of our work based on your site’s goals and the time necessary to obtain them rather than quantity of links.

In short: our white hat professional link building services provide measurable success with the highest quality results – that is our commitment. We focus on nothing else.

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