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Pre-Launch Website Review

StepForth’s search engine experts will review your new website before it goes live to ensure it is search engine friendly.

Are you preparing to launch your brand new website or a new web design? The site most likely looks exactly how you wished it would and everything is finally in tip top shape. But stop one moment… do not sign off on the web design quite yet. Do you know for sure that it is truly ready for a search engine to visit it?

You see, search engines do not look at a web site the same way we do. In fact, there are many elements that we consider attractive and functional that a search engine cannot even identify never mind give your site credit for it. In some cases areas of a website have fantastic, truly relevant and important textual content that a search engine “should” see but in fact cannot. StepForth’s pre-launch website review is your piece of mind that your website is ready for prime time.

What is your piece of mind worth? Potentially thousands of saved dollars!! Consider just how much you have invested in your website. Now what happens when it launches and the search engines do not send you traffic because they cannot read your website? A lot of money can be lost paying for expensive advertising to get search engines to a page they can’t read and frankly we recieve many frantic phone calls from website owners when they realize their design investment has gone nowhere because they cannot be found on the search engines. When we promptly review their website and discover we have to tell them their site needs some basic to advanced redesigning… it is heartbreaking. This can be avoided!

Give us just ONE HOUR and we will tell you if your site is truly ready to launch.

During the one hour our veteran search engine optimizers will:

  • Review the structure of your site to make sure it is fully accessible to search engines.
  • Review the content of your website to ensure it is optimized for search engines.
  • Check for the proper files that search engines will look for when visiting your website.
  • Provide you with a report outlining any area that requires optimization before launch.

This important report will only cost $299.00

For  $299 we will let you know whether your new website is ready for the search engines to index it. If it turns out the website is not ready you will have time to have the web designer remedy any issues before you sign off on the design contract and commit to the new website.

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