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PPC Management of Existing Accounts

PPC Management of Existing Accounts

Your Campaign

Whether you are seeking our services to free yourself from the time consuming and often frustrating task of managing and monitoring a PPC campaign or simply looking for a fresh, professional perspective; we can provide the services you need.

StepForth Web Marketing understands that each client has different needs and we offer custom services based on your campaign goals and your marketing budget.


We offer 2 options for clients with existing Pay per Click accounts:

  1. StepForth can take over responsibility for day to day account management or
  2. StepForth can provide a one time consultation to provide you with the information and tools you need to improve the success of you advertising campaign.

Pay Per Click Management

Our PPC Specialist first will carefully audit your campaign(s) in order to determine what is and what is not working. After diagnosing the health of your campaigns we will apply our findings and manage the campaigns to provide you with the best return on your advertising dollar. We will also explore new avenues to further promote your products or services and thus increase the scope of your online advertising, subject to client approval.


Pay Per Click Consultation

Our PPC Specialist will perform an in depth forensic examination (audit) of your campaign(s) in order to determine what has been done over the campaign history. Upon completion of this evaluation, we will prepare in-depth, insightful document(s) assessing both the good aspects of the campaign(s) and areas where improvement can be made, along with logical explanations. The evaluation will also include suggestions on new avenues to explore and actionable recommendations for implementation.

To discuss Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising with one of our representatives, be sure to contact us.

For new websites or sites that rank poorly, Pay-per-Click advertising provides a means to get your site exposure fast! Properly managed PPC will get customers to your site, regardless of your site’s search engine ranking. Even established sites that are optimized and have good rankings can use PPC to bring traffic for additional search terms the site may not be ranking for.

How Would StepForth Manage Your PPC Campaigns?

What we will do for you:

  • Re-organize your pay per click accounts with Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or MSN AdCenter based on our evaluation.
  • Research additional relevant keyword phrase(s) that best describe your product or service.
  • Determine possible niche markets that you aren’t already taking advantage of.
  • Create additional targeted keyword rich ad copy for split testing where necessary.
  • Management of your PPC accounts with regular tweaking of your ad campaigns to ensure the best possible placement.
  • Adjust your cost per click rates and daily budgets to ensure that your placement is not only ranking high, but also to keep you on track with your monthly budget.
  • Send you monthly reports with the status of your ad campaign and make recommendations when necessary.

If you manage your Pay per Click campaign through StepForth, we will place your ads in a position that will minimize your costs and achieve results.