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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Your Competitor

StepForth will show you why your competitors have higher rankings and we will create a plan to beat them at their own game. This service is only conducted by our most senior staff to provide the most in depth and insightful search engine marketing strategies. The following video interview by renown Internet marketer Ralph Wilson is of Ross Dunn (StepForth’s CEO) discussing competitor analysis.

Your competitor analysis expert at StepForth will:

  • Document the search engine optimization strategies that are benefiting each competitor’s website(s).
  • Provide a list of the backlinks (incoming links) that are providing the most benefit to each of your competitors. You can use this valuable data to expand your own link network and trump your competitors.
  • Outline applicable server technologies that are increasing the search engine friendliness of your competitor’s website(s).
  • Identify the other sites that the competitor owns and how they are aiding rankings.
  • Provide details on any techniques your competitors are using that contradict search engine rules of conduct. What you do with this information after the report is entirely up to you (i.e. report your competitors to Google).
  • Create a detailed plan outlining the techniques that you need to apply to your website(s) in order to dominate your competitor(s).

The Final Report will be Comprehensive

The size of your Competitor Analysis Report depends on a few factors such as:  how many competitors you have us analyze, how large each competitor is, the complexity of the discovered marketing techniques (more space maybe required to explain them) and how much work is required to bring your own website to a place where domination is realistic. Our competitor analysis reports start at $750.00