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Charity Marketing Services

Acquiring an online presence has significant benefits for every business. However, charities are often on tight budgets and lack the financial resources required to gain adequate visibility online. There are so many invaluable charities doing amazing work but needing help finding volunteers, acquiring funding, and gaining publicity.

Important Note: We also offer this discount to most non-profits and NGOs upon review of each request.

"Charities - Increase your income" a photo by HowardLake charitable website should be positioned to educate potential supporters on your cause, show your current supporters the direct effect of their support, and assist you in generating donations. By utilizing the options web marketing has to offer, you can see the results, and spend less. In order to assist charities and non-profits with this, we are extending all of our services to these organizations at 40% off their regular price (i.e. $75/hr after discount for most of our professional marketing services)

If you would like to know how we can help you:

  • Keep visitors on your website longer – thus increasing the chances of results
  • Ensure your website is easily accessible for visitors and search engines
  • Track the success of online and even offline marketing campaigns through your website
  • Take advantage of little-known online freebies designed specifically to get non-profits/charities more visitors.

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“I have worked with the Stepforth Marketing team for over two years

and find them to be professional, caring and very understanding

of the non-profit/charity/NGO community.”

                                                                    – Robin Holden, CEO/Founder Source Group

About  Robin Holden

Robin Holden has been working with non-profit organizations for over 25 years. Over the course of his career, he has helped hundreds of charitable organizations actualize their visions and prosper through difficult economic times and fundraised over a billion dollar.  Currently, he is the CEO of SoureGroup; a company dedicated to developing strategic planning for charities to assist them with marketing, management and fundraising. He is actively involved with the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC, Kidney Foundation of Canada, Arts International, and the Rotary Club..

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From the Blog..Resources

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Tips for Charities Building a Presence Online


Charity Marketing Case Studies

India Social Case Book-  This is a collection of case studies from various industries outlining the best practices around social media. These cases come directly for theindividuals involved in the campaigns and outline in great detail their initiatives, successes, and the gaps of their campaigns

Pedigrees Pet Adoption Success via Facebook – To promote Pedigree’s annual Adoption Drive campaign, they encouraged Facebook users to “become a fan.” Their goal was to raise funds for animalshelters and awareness of the need for homes for the dogs. Each new fan drove Pedigree to donate a bowl of food to rescue shelters.

Amnesty International utilizes multiple channels to get their message across– To engage a large spectrum of people and get them actively involved in their campaigns, Amnesty uses multiple social media channels. They target their messages based on the audience they are using.

Social Media campaign for MS– Novartis, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, launched the “Maybe Someday” campaign to raise $25,000 for the Canadian MS Society.

 Social Media Helps Feed A Billion Hungry People- To celebrate World Population Day, the World Food Program launched a campaign called, “The Billion for a Billion.” Their objective was to raise awareness to the one billion people online of the one billion people starving in the world and utilize the internet as a means to make a difference.


Free Online Tools for Non Profits/Charities

SocialMention: Type in a word or a company name and see how often it is mentioned/ discussed on a wide variety of social platforms. This is a VERY powerful competitor analysis and reputation management/monitoring tool.

WordPress: WordPress is an open-sourced (free) content management system (CMS) that can be installed on just about any web server and used to host a very flexible and powerful non-profit/charity website.

Google Analytics: Google’s analytic package is a 100% free solution for tracking and analyzing the traffic on your website. It is simple for anyone with basic technical webmastering skills to install on your website.

Google WebMaster Tools: Google stores a great deal of information about every website online and it just so happens you as a site owner, can access your own information quite easily using this system. The program will allow you to see any errors that Google has identified on your website in addition to a great many other details.


Free Support for Non Profits/Charities

Google for Non Profit: This program is very powerful and highly recommended but it is only available to non-profits or charities headquartered

YouTube and Non Proft: Available to Canada and includes compelling case studies on-page (select Canada from top drop-down menu)

Flickr for Non Profits by Tech Soup: Available to Canada and includes ideas on how to use Flickr to further your organization.

Google Grants: Available to Canadians!


Additional Charity Marketing Resources

Network  Weaver Checklist: A self –assessment for gauging your own strengths and weaknesses as a weaver of relationships in a network.

Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology of Communities: how to use online tools in a way that helps a community accomplish its goals. The Technology Place for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter’s Blog: Beth has a wealth of useful tips and reports available on her website for all non-profits.

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